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Electronic Recycling - Used Phones & Telephone Equipment

Dear Esteemed Purchase Manager, We are experts in recycling.We purchase all types of Scrap Whole Motherboards Computers and Mobile phones, metal, computer and Used Television, Video & Cable Equipment, Battery Recycling, electronic waste streams.

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Important Reminder: Many electronic products (computers, cell phones, PDAs, etc) are used to store personal information. Before donating or recycling your equipment, remember to remove all sensitive and personal information from its memory.

PADNOS | Sell or Recycle Your Scrap Electronics

Recycling your electronics at a certified e-scrap recycler like PADNOS helps to reduce the amount of old equipment that is disposed of in landfills, which lessens the resulting damage to …

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your electronic needs. We’ll do what we can to get you the equipment you need – for free. We regret we cannot predict when that might occur as we do not control the material intake! Ecycling Facts: Maui County reuses and recycles more than 600 tons of electronics every year.


We Buy & Recycle Computer Equipment and Electronics. IT Asset Recovery, Recycling and Data Destruction for business, schools, non-profits, municipals at Cash for Electronics USA.

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We help you to dispose of all kind of electrical equipment such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, mercury lead-based products, batteries and other electrical equipment. Our E waste management process also accepts electronic equipment such as CRT monitors, printers, electronic boards, and scanners with proper safety structure.

Electronic Scrap - GlobalTech Environmental

Choose GlobalTech for your companies Electronic Scrap needs. Inside all electronics there is some sort of circuit board. This board is often like a brain within the component. Close to 200 million laptops are sold each year around the world. There is a great need …

High Grade Boards - ITAD Services & Electronics Recycling

We Buy High Grade Boards, Populated Circuit Boards, SIM Scrap, Gold Finger Scrap. High Grade Circuit Boards, Mother Boards, Daughter Boards, Telecommunication Boards, Hard Drive Boards, Gold Plated Circuit Boards: High Grade Circuit Board Scrap contains gold plated populated or unpopulated boards.These boards contain precious metals that can be refined for a profitable return.

Computer & Electronic Scrap Recycling - Newark, NJ - H&C

Helpful & Informative NJ Electronic Scrap Recycling Links. New Jersey enacted the Electronic Waste Recycling Act that became effective 2007. This act places a ban on the disposal of certain electronic devices, and requires manufacturers to take responsibility for the recycling …

Computer & Electronic Scrap Recycling - Newark, NJ - H&C

Helpful & Informative NJ Electronic Scrap Recycling Links. New Jersey enacted the Electronic Waste Recycling Act that became effective 2007. This act places a ban on the disposal of certain electronic devices, and requires manufacturers to take responsibility for the recycling …

PCB Recycling - Disposal of Scrap printed circuit boards

Scrap PCB disposal & recycling services. . We at B.W. Recycling, Inc, provide circuit boards recycling solutions for most kinds of circuit boards, such as telecommunications circuit cards, network communication boards, . VCR's or any other boards from consumer electronics.

Electronics recycling - We buy electronic, computer waste

Electronics recycling We recycle all kinds of scrap electronics for precious metals recovery, such as scrap computers , end of life telecommunication equipment and servers, test equipment, networking, scrap cell phones and all types of discarded electronics.

Reusing and Recycling: Big Challenges, Big Opportunities

Additional Reading. Social Impact Electronics Recycling: Competing Certifications Create Confusion. The case for electronic recycling has never been stronger, and the excuses for not doing it have .

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Now sell scrap online at the best price, our services include Waste Management, Electronics Recycling, battery recycling, extended producer Responsibility and offers a comprehensive end-to-end recycling solution to IT Companies, industry, office, institutions …

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We are located in Hollywood Florida USA. We are looking for a used wire granulator in very good condition for our facility. If you have a unit from any company please send details about the machine the manufacturer and model the condition of the mac

New and Used Shredders For Sale

New and Used Paper and Document Security Shredders and Industrial Shredders For Sale with related Shredding Machines and Equipment. REC is a new Shredder Dealer …

Complete second-hand woodworking equipment recycling

The company has long been operating second-hand woodworking equipment recycling, batch recycling, and can complete a full set of second-hand woodworking machinery and equipment, such as: woodworking saws, woodworking milling machines, woodworking drilling machines, sanding wood machines, woodworking lathes, sealing Edge wood machine, wood planer, cladding machine, wide …

China e waste shredder - TCM SHREDDER

e waste shredder. Buy e waste shredder with cheap wholesale factory price from China best supplier and manufacturer TCM SHREDDER dealer, we have best quality recycling shredding machine for sale than any other suppliers and manufacturer in China.

Electronic Recycling Center - Computer Recycling San Diego

We can help with the area’s best electronic recycling. San Diego companies just like yours turn to us every single day for a detailed, knowledgeable approach to the process. From secure data destruction to asset remarketing , we can help keep toxic electronics waste out of the landfills now.

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Cash is paid for larger quantities of scrap electronics such as circuit boards and whole towers—over 500lbs. Whole Vehicles . Mother Boards, Computers, DVD & CD Players, Keyboards, Stereos, Fax Machines, Plus Other Misc Electronics. Cash is paid for larger quantities (over 500lbs) of scrap electronics such as circuit boards and whole towers .

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Single-shaft shredder machines is used for shreddering the hard plastic, pipe, wood, electronic board and so on. The quality that you can be assured. As the shredder machine, we have been got the patent form china government at 2013.

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Recycling circuit boards and other electronic components preserves valuable resources and reduces environmental impact. It is estimated that roughly a metric ton of circuit boards contain 40- 800 times the gold and 30-40 times the copper of one metric ton of ore mined in the U.S.

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